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XITE expands its presence with twenty-one FAST channels on Amazon’s Fire TV Channels

BROOKLYN/AMSTERDAM, December 15, 2023 - Today XITE, the global music video network, announced an extension of its content on Amazon Fire TV as the music video provider for Amazon’s Fire TV Channels app. The offering will include XITE’s twenty-one music video channels currently available on Freevee, bringing an even more immersive and dynamic music experience to viewers in the U.S.

In 2019, XITE took a pioneering step by launching its CTV App onFire TV, allowing users to access XITE's vast library of on-demand music videos directly from their Fire TV devices. The launch brings a curated selection of music content into customer's living rooms, enhancing the overall viewing experience for Fire TV customers. Now, XITE is taking this experience to the next level as the sole music provider for Amazon’s Fire TV Channels app, offering consumers a lean-back linear television experience featuring twenty-one diverse music video channels. These channels were previously launched on Amazon’s Freevee streaming service and will now be available on the Fire TV Channels app. The expansion underscores XITE's commitment to continually innovate and provide music enthusiasts with fresh and engaging ways to connect with their favorite artists and discover new music.

"We are proud to build upon our success on Fire TV and bring new and exciting channels to our viewers," said Cees Honig, co-CEO at XITE. "This expansion represents a significant broadening in our product offering, allowing users to explore a more extensive range of music genres and enjoy hours of expertly curated channels." 

XITE offers a kaleidoscope of channels and programming, catering to diverse tastes with a rich tapestry of music genres and entertainment experiences. Among these twenty-one channels are 'XITE Hits', which is an eclectic mix of genres and styles, including new and recurrent hits from today's top charting artists,  'XITE Hip-Hop Evolution', which takes viewers through time to relive iconic moments in Hip-Hop beginning with the late-70s & 80s pioneers. Also included are other consumer favorites such as 'XITE Country Today', which brings viewers the best videos by today’s chart-topping new voices in Country music, 'XITE 80s Flashback' which gives consumers a dose of nostalgia from the decade when music videos first entered the living rooms, and ‘XITE Seasonal’, which gets you ready for the holidays. Rounding out the offering are ‘XITE Icons’, ‘XITE Country’s Finest’, ‘XITE Rap Game’, ‘XITE Nuevo Latino’, ‘XITE Siempre Latino’, ‘XITE R&B Feels’, ‘XITE R&B Classic Jams’, ‘XITE Rock On’, ‘XITE Ultimate Alt/Indie’, ‘XITE 60s & 70s Groove’, ‘XITE 90s Throwback’, ‘XITE 00s Heroes’, ‘XITE 10s Rewind’, ‘XITE Just Chill’, ‘XITE Party Time’, and ‘XITE Only Love’. 

XITE expands its presence with twenty-one FAST channels on Amazon’s Fire TV Channels
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XITE expands its presence with twenty-one FAST channels on Amazon’s Fire TV Channels


XITE aims to offer the best music video experience in the world. Founded in Amsterdam in 2008, the Netherlands, XITE now reaches over 100 million households across Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia through linear networks, interactive TV, and on-demand streaming services. The company revolutionized the way audiences experience music videos by allowing viewers to search, like, and skip through its vast catalog; enjoy channels curated by its team of music experts; and create channels based on genre, era and visual style using its unique Mixer feature. XITE has access to virtually every available music video through agreements with all major and top independent music labels. 

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