Azerion and XITE Announce Exclusive Partnership for Connected TV Ad Sales

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Düsseldorf, 23 May, 2023 – Today, Azerion announces an exclusive Connected TV (CTV) partnership with XITE, a music video platform that provides interactive TV and streaming services, offering a personalized music television experience to their audience. The premium advertising inventory on XITE's TV channels and interactive TV app, will be offered directly and programmatically through Azerion's in-house supply-side platform, Improve Digital. Advertisers benefit from a highly premium video environment that delivers optimal advertising experiences.

CTV has revolutionized the way TV is watched in Europe, with a significant increase in households adopting smart TVs and streaming devices in recent years. Advertisers are therefore increasingly incorporating this media channel into their media planning, benefiting from the combination of TV and digital that provides various targeting options and innovative ad formats that increase viewer engagement. In addition, premium video environments, such as those offered by XITE, are highly trusted by consumers, making them a valuable advertising environment for advertisers.

"We are very pleased to partner with XITE," said Andreas Stietzel, VP of Azerion DACH. "The demand for CTV advertising is growing rapidly, as smart TVs are almost present in every living room. Advertisers have to respond to the changing usage behaviour of young target groups in particular, such as Gen Z and millennials, for whom traditional TV usage is increasingly declining. This is why CTV has become an integral part of the media mix. With XITE, we offer advertisers an interesting CTV advertising environment with high-quality content and a high level of viewer engagement, because music is pure emotion."


"XITE is growing fast, so we were looking for a strong, local partner to monetize our premium CTV inventory in Germany. The advanced technology and expertise of Azerion's sales team fit perfectly with our ambition to be of even greater value to advertisers," said Ingmar Rood, Director Sales & Partnerships at XITE. 

The exclusive partnership between Azerion and XITE provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to benefit from high-quality content and viewer engagement in the rapidly growing CTV market.

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