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Erin Kinsey and Pommelien Thijs are XITE Kickstart in April

BROOKLYN/AMSTERDAM, April 2nd 2024 -  Get ready to dive into a world of musical discovery as XITE proudly presents its April Kickstart artists, featuring the sensational talents of American singer-songwriter Erin Kinsey and Belgian pop phenomenon Pommelien Thijs. This month you will see their latest music videos more often on XITE.

Texas native, Erin Kinsey, is a rising star in the country music scene, bringing her unique voice and heartfelt songwriting to the forefront. Born with a deep passion for country music, Erin's journey led her from the heart of Texas to Music City, where she embarked on her path to becoming a respected singer-songwriter. Erin Kinsey's journey continues to evolve with the release of her latest single 'Matchmaker', further cementing her status as a dynamic force in the country music scene. With 'Matchmaker', Erin delves into the complexities of love and relationships, wrapping her insightful lyrics in catchy hooks that resonate deeply with listeners. As Erin Kinsey continues to make her mark in the music industry, 'Matchmaker' stands out as a testament to her artistic evolution and her deep-rooted love for country music.

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Pommelien Thijs' journey began at the tender age of twelve, stepping into the spotlight as a presenter. Week after week, she captivated audiences in beloved shows like 'Zoo-reporters' and 'You Choose'. Then, in 2020, a new chapter unfolded as she ventured into the world of music, unveiling her talent with the haunting duet 'Nu Wij Niet Meer Praten', a collaboration with Dutch singer Jaap Reesema. As time marched on, Pommelien's solo career blossomed, marked by the release of her own music. 'Ongewoon', her debut single, quickly soared to the top of charts, setting the stage for what was to come. It was her debut album 'Per Ongeluk' that truly solidified her status as a musical force. Within its tracks lay her soul, her essence, including the irresistible anthem 'Erop of Eronder', claiming the coveted title of a number 1 hit. Now, Pommelien Thijs finds herself once again in the limelight, with her latest hit 'Het Beste Moet Nog Komen', a poignant ode to road safety.

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