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Personalized music TV service XITE Networks announces new Advisory Board

Music and TV industry leaders united in XITE Board

New York, March 7th, 2017 - Bringing music videos back to TV: that’s XITE Network’s promise to the US market. Underscoring this ambition, the personalized music TV service has announced the formation of a new advisory board today, consisting of renowned TV industry leaders and music influentials.

XITE loves music videos, and the company was built upon this passion: that the best way to enjoy music is through video. XITE launched in 2008 with a linear TV channel - also available via multi-channel video-on-demand services - broadcasting 24/7 music videos from the most popular artists. Today, they serve over 15 million households across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Qatar.

In 2015, XITE took their service a step further. In addition to retaining an around-the-clock offering of music videos and original programming, they reinvented the way people watch music videos with the world’s first Personalized Music Television service. The company’s expanded service model allows users to like and skip through their XITE channel to build a customized music video channel based on their personal taste. Other features include a video on demand service and highly curated theme channels.

Amidst their global growth, XITE has recently expanded its operations to the United States, where they have joined forces with the newly appointed advisory board, made up of professional experts in the TV and music industry. “It is an honor that these industry veterans have decided to team up with us, and it will be crucial in achieving our goal to become a global music video company” says Derk Nijssen, founder and CEO of XITE Networks International. The board's primary functions will be to help advise and foster partnerships with artists and labels, as well as oversee distribution and growth in Europe and particularly the US.

The advisory board consists of the following members:

Roger Faxon

Board member at Pandora Media, former CEO of EMI.

With a history as executive vice president/COO at LucasFilm, senior executive vice president at Columbia Pictures and one of the founding partners of Mount Company, Roger Faxon has an outstanding career in the entertainment industry.

The future of music consumption is audio visual. I mean the near future. Roger Faxon

Jason Flom

CEO of Lava Records, former CEO/Chairman of Atlantic Records, Virgin Records and the Capitol Music Group.

Jason Flom has been called ‘one of the most successful record men of the past 20 years’ by The New Yorker. As an American music industry executive and chief executive of Lava Records, Flom has previously served as chairman and CEO at Atlantic Records, Virgin Records and the Capitol Music Group.

XITE is clearly the best music video service out there. It’s a fun and exciting consumer experience and it’s a great platform for artists for exposure and monetization of their content. Jason Flom

Eric Budin

Venture Partner at Touchdown Ventures, former VP Product Strategy and Incubation for Liberty Global.

With over 20 years experience in technology, media and telecom, Budin has a strong track record in developing businesses for new markets and new product areas to create new revenue streams.

TV operators are constantly searching for content and apps that can bring Millennials back in their ecosystem. XITE is clearly in this sweet spot. Eric Budin

Bill Roedy

Former Chairman and CEO of MTV Networks International and VICE President for HBO.

The music video has a proven history as the single most powerful imagery of a song. It is a short film that can bring together an incredible array of creativity, animation and abstraction. XITE, through its unique and innovative digital technology, has shown how to maximize the consumer experience with any device – anytime, anywhere. Bill Roedy

Together with this new board of industry experts, XITE is poised to take their personalized music TV service to the next level. American households will soon enjoy music videos again, with the personalization and freedom that they’ve come to expect throughout their connected lives.

About XITE

XITE is an interactive music television channel founded in the Netherlands. XITE launched in 2008 and is now distributed to 15+ million households in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Qatar and recently set foot in the US. XITE aims to situate music videos at the center of consumers’ lives in the best way possible, and is focused on providing a contemporary tailored experience around a consumer’s personalized taste in music videos.

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